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DOWIT provides the necessary information to guide student-athletes in choosing the best school aligned with their athletic goals, provide a better understanding of the recruiting process, and improve their game.


Do Whatever It Takes is a lifestyle and a community.

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 Savon is passionate about giving back to his community. He is an advocate of using one's platform to impact others' lives.

Savon helps to inspire others to by giving them the necessary information on how to embrace their lifestyle.



Do Whatever It Takes Podcast provides athletes coaching tips for success and how to maximize their platform on and off the field. The podcast also features athletes, coaches, and students who overcame adversity in Doing Whatever It Takes to be successful. 


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DOWIT has done a great job of breaking do the nuances of my route running and the run after the catch. After 3 years of playing college ball with having success my way, I never really noticed the moves I can make after the catch and how it can open up my arsenal even more. DOWIT has got me in shape and prepared me for fall camp. Big picture, DOWIT values relationships over everything else, and that is what I really enjoy about DOWIT.

Justice Shelton-Mosley (Harvard All-American Wide Receiver)

I can feel the difference of the movements and my body getting in and out of my cuts. I love the fact that when we do a drill, we learn why we are doing it and how it can be applied to my position. Every rep is different and it helps me envision being in a game like mode.

Trey Sneed (Rutgers/Fordham Running Back)

With all the facilities out there, we have options. I chose DOWIT because they’re not just teaching sports, but teaching our son the fundamentals of being a great young man. Ashton has learned so much about the game of football but more so about himself. DOWIT training is the real deal!

Danielle Benavides (Client Parent)

Love what DOWIT is doing. Love hearing different peoples stories of success and failure. Savon has heart and passion for this work and it shows! Im not really an athlete and it still gets me fired up. Applicable to anyone who is pursuing a goal!

am@1990 (Podcast listener)

I’m not really into sports and was concerned that I may not be able to keep up but it was a short conversation style podcast. And I felt like I was part of the conversation. Mr. Watson’s podcast talked about how he became the youngest coach at his level. And how his work ethic, curiosity and desire to learn got him there. These are things that I can apply myself in any business endeavors or professional decisions that I make. Looking forward to more informative conversations.

MaxBlessed (Podcast listener)