Our network Alliance is made up of trainers, fitness enthusiast, motivational speakers, former athletes, professionals, and influential people who are all connected by DOWIT’S overarching mission.
English Gardner
Team USA
Miki Barber
Team USA
"DOWIT to me means giving up bad habits, pushing yourself harder than ever before and being conscious not careless. DOWIT means not only being strong physically but strengthening your mind, nurturing strong relationships with people and focusing on being positive and healthy for optimal performance. You have to DOWIT to reach your goals and be your best self. DOWIT is not easy but it is definitely worth it."  
Kaleb Johnson 
Philadelphia Eagles
"DOWIT is a lifestyle decision, it’s a commitment to greatness in everything I do. Do whatever it takes to be the best version of me. From nutrition, to educating myself, to training. It’s a certain mentally that eliminates every barrier stopping me from being the best me on and off the field. DOWIT is who I am. Nothing can stop me."
Jordan Hill
"DOWIT to me means doing things that others aren’t willing to do. Getting up at 4:30 am to workout, doing extra cardio and speed and agility drills in 20 degree weather throughout the winter since I did not have a facility to train is Doing Whatever It Takes. I was fortunate to sign a professional football contract, through multiple tryouts even with only one year of playing experience because of my work ethic. Every CFL, AFL or NFL tryout said my biggest knock was that 'I did not play college football', but I did not let that stop me from Doing Whatever It Takes to fulfill my dream in playing professionally. I have a testimony, and I am here to say that if you put your mind to anything despite what others think, YOU can do anything."