DOWIT Scholarship


The DOWIT Scholarship was created to shed light on student athletes outside of the playing field and classroom and get to know them as a person. Doing Whatever It Takes goes beyond just your athleticism, but your character, community service, GPA and what makes you different than the next individual. 

DOWIT partnered up with two Olympic Gold Medalist's in English Gardner and Miki Barber as part of fundraising for our first DOWIT Scholarship that the winner of the raffle would get a chance work with an Olympic Gold Medalist. The proceeds would go to the winner of our Scholarship.


HS Senior 
AT least a 2.5 GPA 
10 hours of community service
Testimonial Video of DOWIT Letter of Recommendation 
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    WInner of DOWIT Scholarship

    Congratulations to Damani Falconer of St. Peter's Prep (Jersey City, NJ) for winning our first DOWIT Scholarship.

    You embody Doing Whatever It Takes on and off the field. Being heavily involved within the community, your letters of recommendation from others speaking very highly of your character, over 3.2 GPA and more importantly your story as some things mentioned in your testimonial video.

    Continue to strive for something greater than yourself and always remain persistent and consistent in your purpose. 

    Thank you to all recipients who applied. We thank you for your continued support. Check out some of the content from the raffle winner and DOWIT Scholarship Winner, Damani Falconer.