Lifestyle Coach


 From high school classrooms, to sports locker rooms and college classrooms, Savon has impacted countless amount of people from different walks of life. Savon helps to inspire others to by giving them the necessary information on how to embrace their lifestyle. Savon is passionate about giving back to his community. With a background in sports psychology and over 5 years of coaching experience, Savon lights up the room with his inspiring story and his captivating voice & tone. He has been requested to speak at these following schools. 



Speaking Encounters:

Somerset Academy School

Rutgers University

Montclair State University

St. Peter’s Prep

Seton Hall Prep

Paterson GED Program

Edison High School

Somerville High School

Jackson Memorial High School Volleyball Team

Georgian Court Volleyball Team

Youth Football Programs

Jersey Coast Academy Football Program

Goetz Middle School